Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Discovery green

Ah, early mornings at discovery green, being completely alone on the water field. It's the small things that make me content. Surprisingly there were a ton of photographers out to see the water catch in the sun rise sans 50 kids running around like every parent might have given them a large coffee before they showed up. After Discovery green we stopped off at the Farmers market. Ate an awesome dish of fried eggs on top of mushroom hash. Picked up some amazing goat cheese, fresh fresh fresh local honey from magnolia, french bread, vegetarian pot pie, and fantastic dark chocolate with cherries and pistachio in it. The rest of the weekend munched on our finds, toasted french bread with goat cheese dipped in honey, yum!
Yuliya pulling Cash's swim trunks up for him
lost the swim trunks

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