Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Tuesday

What a nice relaxing Tuesday, instead of our normal rush out the door at 6 in the morning I was able to stay in bed until the kids came and woke ME up. After a nice slow pace of getting dressed we went out to breakfast for chocolate chip pancakes, hold the syrup. We went and dawdled in Bear Creek park for a while, looking and talking to all of the animals in the mini zoo. Emu's make some pretty bizarre noises! The parrot told us hello and laughed at us, the sheep were baaa'ing and the goats were scratching their backs on the fence. My favorite was the owl habitat with about 6 of them in there looking knowingly at us. It was fun, but miserably sticky out despite the 80 degree weather. So naturally we showed up at the kids' dentist appts a little rugged...


This is the way Cash was sitting in the rocker at the dentist's office(legs on the handle bars), watching kids play on a wii, not the screen, just the kids. Ha! Lack of tv and video game systems makes my kids much more interested in what in the world these kids are doing waving their arms in front of a television.

Beauty and the Beast was playing while we were in the waiting room, 20 years later, I still know most of the words. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved that story Dr. Lindhorst, time to start reading that to Yuliya and Cash. :)

Now off to work! Hooray for half days!

P.S. No dental issues A+ for both kids.

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