Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beach with friends

We went to Galveston with friends, we had a blast racing the waves, picking seashells, building sand castles and chasing birds. Jack spent most of the day making sand castles and directing sam to bring him water for the pond in front of the castle(which later turned into a pretty neat waterway, compliments of his index finger being traced through the sand) Sam and Yuliya spent a lot of the day racing the waves. And Cash, as usual, was content to do his own thing, sometimes he would join in racing waves, or pick seashells, sometimes just chill out with his momma. After all of the kids noticed Jack's intense castle building they all became equally as serious about it. Sam bringing his brother bucket after bucket of water from the gulf. Yuliya working on her own sandcastle and also bringing bucket after bucket of water for her own pond. And Cash, well Cash noticed full buckets being dumped on the sand, so.....thats what he did....he made many trips to the water, getting full buckets of water, would lug it alllll the way to our chairs, and then dump it out on some random patch of sand.
This is our friend Sam, he runs fast
This is him when he isnt running
Cash enjoying the beach
Jack almost looks like he's surfing here
Racing waves

Cash watched that jogger jog all the way across the strand.....boys.

This may or may not be how I carry groceries in the house

First sand castle and pond
Dome community!

Here's a video of them in action, when they are on the shore, Cash is the baby that runs to the water on the left and Jack and Yuliya are on the right. Notice Cash dumping water on the ground with no purpose :)

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