Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sight words

I love fall. 

Our Halloween costumes are almost together. Yuliya is still working on deciding what character to be for her book character parade at school. And next week we pick our pumpkins!

We have had the windows open for a couple of weeks now and the house feels crispy cool every morning. The children have traded in shorts for pants and spending time inside after dinner has become nearly impossible.  We spend our nights playing with neighbors and/or writing sentences on the drive way. If you happened upon our house you would see a brightly colored driveway littered with sidewalk chalk rainbow colored sight word sentences. 
Where is my hat?   
 I can see you!  He can go in.
My mom is tall.
I like my mom.  
 He is so happy. It is my dog.
We do it up.
Not only is Yuliya fully capable of writing upside down(you know the way a teacher would) but her theory is which ever end of a sentence she puts her period, the sentence will be read that way. For example
.cat my is this
 Should be read, "this is my cat."

 I am not convinced her teacher will agree.

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