Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dirt and other things

This week is teacher appreciation week at school

On Monday we were supposed to make them cards....but forgot! 

On Tuesday we were supposed to bring their favorite fruit...but we don't play by the rules so we bought them odwalla. 
Strawberry juice for Miss L who's favorite fruit is a strawberry. 
And Cmonster for Miss A who's favorite fruit is an orange
They also colored them pictures of their favorite fruits so they would never go bad. Thankfully Cash's was the orange which he did well and Yuliya did awesome at her strawberry.

For Wednesday we were supposed to bring them flowers...but potted is superior to fresh cut. So last night we spent a good chunk of time picking out flowers which we then took home and transplanted into small container gardens.
By the time we made it home it was bath time but Cash insisted on overseeing the flower transplanting process so I had this really great idea to do it in the bathroom while he bathed......
except it wasn't a great idea.

Dirt everywhere!

First I found as many tubs as I could, poked holes in the bottom and wrapped them in foil to make them look a little prettier. Then I took the freshly bought plants and ripped them all apart into separate plants instead of 3 to a pot and reorganized them into multiple varieties per plant.
For Miss L and Miss A, Yuliya and Cash's main teachers we gave them a little extra ornamental peppers in theirs.
See the one on the far left at the bottom? That's for Eedi, Cash's one true love. 
She has been going there a while, (Cash just started a few weeks ago) he has missed one day since starting and I was told Eedi was NOT happy, refusing to sit at meals without her "flashlight" as she calls him. They wrap their arms around each other's shoulders as they eat at breakfast lunch and snacks and spend all day side by side. Every day when I pick them up Cash tells me "That's my Eedi, I like eedi" So of course when we went to pick out flowers for our teachers Cash had a very special request.
That we get pink and purple ones for his eedi.
Such a thoughtful little boy.

Sorry ladies, it looks like this little man is off the market.

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