Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Fun day

Even though she's an only child so far, I have a feeling Miss Alyssa will not have the carefulness and perfection of an only or oldest child. With all of her cousins, Madison, Jackson, Yuliya, Kaitlyn and Cash tackling her before she's able to walk, I think she might end up with the more laid back personality of a younger child. She seems to take them on well. Cash refuses to call her Alyssa, instead just addressing her as baby, said more like "baybeeee"
"baybee, watch this", "baybee you hungry?"(head cocked to the side)"baybee here ya ball"
Yuliya finally gets to dress a real life baby, thanks to her Aunt Amy, she was allowed to pick out Alyssa's outfit for the day, I think she did well :)

Group hug!

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