Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swim Class-1

Here are photos from the kids first swim class, they both pretty much had the same reaction, initially were not into it, being shy and afraid to do things on their own. Both ended up opening up by the end of class and having fun, I am hopeful for our next lesson this sunday.

P.S. There's always something unsettling about stepping into a lukewarm pool.
Not that excited at first, in fact trying to act like she's not going to learn anything b/c she's not paying attention

Cash's kung fu grip at the beginning of class, there was no convincing him to let go of me. 
 Finally after a few minutes of tossing toys and "swimming" to get them he relaxed enough to semi float while resting his head on my shoulder.
Oh the camera! Cheese!! I'm swimming! Check it out! Sudden interest in swim class :) 4 yr olds!

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