Friday, May 20, 2011

Sue? Suzy?

Today I went to lunch with my Aunt Sue, Uncle Darwin, and Cousin Heather. As soon as I got in the car for my midday break from flourescent lights the sunshine started in on her plot to kidnap me. I actually got a picture of it, you can see her rays trying to steal me away from work. And I'll be honest, I did briefly consider letting her win.

But alas, my lunch came with Wonton soup! That looked disquietingly like HUMAN BRAINS!!!!  Well, I can't claim to be a brain connoisseur, so maybe not human, but it was fun to pretend I was a zombie for a second. :) My fantasy was quickly brough to a grinding halt when I cracked open that sucker and it was full of thanks. How does brain looking soup relate to kidnapping sunshine? I'll tell you how, I went back to work. Okay it's true, I am not exactly working YET but I did want to share my lovely wonton soup brain pic:)
Also when we arrived at the restaurant Sue and Heather first, then myself, then Darwin, the hostess asked each of us "Sue? Suzy??" and confused the heck out of us, leading us to a table where the Corcorran's were not. Although I think if I had been Sue I might have started a name guessing game with the hostess :)

 Only because this happened to be right next to my zombie soup picture in my saved documents, below is a great moment where I was able to capture a mermaid in the sky. Can you see her?
Thank you for the wonderful lunch family, I miss you all and its always great to see you. :)

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