Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dog food.

This is how I found Cash this morning when I woke them up for school. Was he reading before bed? Talking to his nightlight? Looking for something under the bed? Or did he simply decide he wanted to sleep on the floor tonight? Whatever the thought process, he did NOT wake up a happy camper. Note to Cash, sleeping on the floor makes for an unhappy morning and some pretty intense side of the face sleep marks.

On a different note, when we got home,I gave the kids a few crackers to eat while dinner was cooking spaghetti. For some reason Yuliya decided to crush hers into tiny pieces and eat it. Cash had a stack of nice neat whole crackers. When Yuliya was tired of her crackers she wanted to give them to soldier, as is custom in our house. So I brought the bowl over and swept the crackers in, Cash nearly lost it. Precious crackers had just been dumped in the dogs bowl! I told him "don't worry about it, you have a whole stack of crackers in front of you" I turn to stir my spaghetti, turn back, where's cash?? Yep.....he abandoned his pile of crackers to sit on the floor and eat crushed crackers out of the dog bowl.---boys

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