Monday, March 28, 2011

Hula hoops

Since her birthday party and the fruit loop necklace making, mixed with me tying 1000 origami peace cranes to hula hoops, yuliya is calling fruit loops "hula hoops" DO NOT try to correct her, she will be sure to inform you that it's you who are mistaken.  They genereally eat cheerios or kashi cereal, so the fact that we have this massive bag of fruit loops to finish off has been a real joy for them.....only, she will only let cash eat the blue or green and she eats the red and yellow. Sometimes I wonder what Cash would do if he were the older one. For now though, he seems less interested in eating them, and more interested in dropping them on the sidewalk and crunching them under his shoe, to make a circle of green powder.

This is yuliya's impatient hurry up and take the picture smile so she can get back to running around. She looks so adorable in the outfit Aunt Susan gave her for her birthday

 Cash rationing side walk to us, he eventually moved across the yard after frustrations that we werent taking the colors he was allowing. He moved 3 colors at a time about 10 ft away, to keep us from getting them, too cute
Yuliya's rainbow

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