Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yuliya's 4 year check up

I took Yuliya for her 4 year check up today. I was asked a mountain of questions on what we feed her, how she brushes her teeth, how much tv she watches, ect. The only issue we have to deal with with the kids is Yuliya doesn't eat meat, and they both would drink milk all day if we let them.
 Yuliya had her first hearing and sight test, the vision test was a little complicated and after being there for 2 hrs she was ready to go, so we will try again in a few months. She did great on her hearing test though, that means when she pretends not to hear us, she's just ignoring us, clever girl.
When asked to draw a circle (b/c 4 yr olds should know how to draw a circle) my artsy child decided to draw a sun instead, an indifferent sun at that.
 44th percentile for height and almost 30th for weight, we are getting closer and closer to not having tiny children :)

Yuliya also had her first Urine test. When the nurse handed her the cup and told her what she needed to do, Yuliya responded "That's too small for me to sit on" haha!You have no idea how much of a balancing act it is to get a 4 yr old to pee in a cup. Not only did she say she didnt have to go, but I also have a strict "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" rule in the bathroom. Needless to say, Cirque du Soliel has nothing on us :)

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