Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just a little trim

Little known fact: Cash detests having his hair trimmed. On the same level that some people hate going to the dentist or getting a shot. He does not enjoy getting his hair cut. Generally I try to let him ride out a single haircut for a couple of months.

Well known fact: Cash very much so enjoys tackling problems on his own without adult intervention .

On Friday I noticed something fishy about Cash. I questioned if he had cut his hair. 
"Yep!" he responded with pride. 
I probed, "Why?!" 
"It was in my eyes" he reasoned. 
"Let's go get your hair cut!" I said.
"I don't need a haircut now! It's not in my eyes anymore!" Pure delight.

(He did receive a professional cut on Saturday, along with mama, Keith and Yuliya).

At age 6 I thought we were well past the risk of ever entering a room and finding your child has snipped their lovely locks. Boy was I mistaken! 

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