Friday, December 18, 2015

Nutcracker 2015

As the last day of school before winter break ticked away I waited patiently for Cash to be dismissed so we could head to the nutcracker. On the way there my guy confessed to me "Mama I have had A LOT of treats today." I figured my little firecracker would have a difficult time sitting still anyway, but this sealed the deal.

We sat through the performance and Cash loved it! He did have difficulties sitting still; so, I offered up my lap, we sat contentedly after that and took in the dance together. :) He was thrilled about the dancing and over all story. The entire time he whispered his interpretations of what the performers were acting out. 

Afterwards we had photo opportunities with some of the ballerinas...Cash had zero interest in being that close to a perfect stranger. Thus, I took pictures of other people's children with one of the soldiers!
All tuckered out, Cash fell asleep just like Clara on the way home. :)

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