Thursday, December 17, 2015

Heavenly Aromas

Over the past few years we have developed the tradition of baking and creating these chocolate dipped pretzels for friend and teacher gifts. The kidlets enjoy this because they can add a different creative flair to each and every pretzel. Last night Heather and Claire stopped by after dinner and helped us (First for Claire!) with the process.
Claire was more of an appraiser than a creator last night. I also caught her sleeping on the job!
Hard at work  

After hours of baking, dipping, decorating, and patiently watching them dry, I carefully packaged our treats only to discover that..we ran out of boxes! Oops! I managed to pack up a good portion of the left overs. However, somehow we ended up keeping and eating quite a bit for breakfast! :)
Have I mentioned how much I enjoy holidays? Not just Christmas, but really, all of them! I love waking up and doing something a little different, I cherish tradition and I love seeing my birds create new memories. The work is always worth it; but, sometimes it sure can be exhausting! At the end of the night I was beat and ready to hit the hay!

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