Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tillamook and Whale watching!

Remember, we did the Oregon Coast in one day! Luckily July days are miles long in Oregon. The latter part of the day we spent in Tillamook at the cheese factory! We tested each type and of course bought Tillamook ice cream!!

Our favorite cheese was Squeaky Cheese! It truly squeaks as you munch!
Next, we headed to Depoe Bay for a little whale watching. Check out the black blob in the middle of the screen, then, try not to fall out of your chair. That my friends is a whale, or at least the best photo I could snap of one. We took our time and let these guys mesmerize us for an hour or so.
I wasn't kidding about it being cold out.
There is an official whale watching center and guides to teach you about the whales as well as tools to help you spot them. These guides watch the bay and yell "BLOW" anytime a whale came up for air, or "TAIL!" when a whale got a little spunky and did a flip.
Sammy Magoo
After whale watching we hit the donut shop across the bridge. The children then treated themselves to what we suspect may be the world's largest donut holes! Day two done! We landed in Eugene, OR overnight ready to head to Washington on day three.

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