Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pacific Northwest 2015:Oregon Part 1

This Summer we flew to Portland, Oregon. 

Views from the sky.  If you look closely you can see Mt. St. Helen's in the distance! 

First thing's first, take a picture on the PDX carpet which is well on its way to extinction. 
If you haven't heard, the PDX carpet is somewhat of a legend. The famed carpet is on the left, the new replacement carpet is on the right. We prefer the oldie!

We arrived fairly late in the day. After procuring our rental car and checking into the hotel, we hit the grocery store for a few essentials, ate dinner, and then hit the sack. This is when we discovered that the sun doesn't go down until well after 9pm in the summer! And, it rises right around 5:20am!
Bright and early, we were up and ready to drive nearly the entire Oregon Coast in one day! Here is part one: 

Our first stop was in Hammond, OR to see the 109 year old Peter Iredale Shipwreck! That's right, this baby has been soaking in the Oregon coast for over 100 years!
More about it here 
All that is left of the back side of the ship.

Trust me when I say, of all of the beaches we visited that July day, we were absolutely the only nuts to dip in the ocean. The wind was chilly and the water was frigid!

Next stop, Cannon Beach!

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