Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Final days

Our last two days were spent at a house on Bainbridge Island, in the teeny tiny town of Port Townsend, and gallivanting around Seattle.  The house we rented on Bainbridge Island was beautiful and quirky. I enjoyed the fresh eggs and the kidlets REALLY enjoyed the source of fresh eggs. :)

"Skipping stones" 

Cash, who will take vehicles in absolutely any way they come. 

Cousin Wesley!

My hunky husband ;)

My hunky husband covered in kids 

Photo Credit:Cash
He was oh so proud to stand with the market pig!

Directly behind the market pig is Pike's Place Fish Market. If you ever visit Seattle, I highly recommend standing around and watching these guys for 20 minutes. Also maybe overnight shipping some of their haul back home. It is quite the sight! See the fish flying through the air? When they get a request, they sing a song and throw a fish to the guy behind the counter, sometimes over customer's heads! See a video here 

We accidentally stumbled on the original Starbucks....luckily we had already had our coffee...the line was intense.
Cash fell in love with this band and had to watch them until I finally agreed to buy their CD.

Ostrich eggs! I would venture to say that if you seek it, the market will have it. 
The infamous Gum Wall(really its an entire alley)! They actually cleaned this wall right after we left! 

Oh, we stopped for more coffee...a lot more.
Seattle Art Museum 
Photo by Cash 
We stumbled into an inner city garden before lunch.

Rain catcher!
Jason models drinking local beer for Keith
The cute couple next to us hanging spoons on their noses. :)
We made sure to stop in and visit the Freemont Troll!

And finally! Snoqualmie Falls! This was a must see for Keith who is a fan of the show "Twin Peaks."
We were totally and completely wiped out at this point, and honestly we may not have done this if the hike hadn't promised to be under 100 ft. 
It was pretty awesome, and a perfect place to part ways with our extended family.

Can you see our great state in this photo? Yes, now we head home!

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  1. Those kids were crazy. The gum wall was cool, but kinda gross. Seattle is awesome. The garden was beautiful. I wish Jason had shared his beer...



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