Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cannon Beach

A stranger's glorious front yard. I could lay right in there in that bare spot and take it all in for an eternity.
Haystack rock on Cannon Beach. 
Remember the movie Goonies? (Keith can't stand it)
This is the beach it was filmed on!
I wish I had video taped this beach, the hypnotic mist /fog literally rolls in off of the ocean like a band of tangled tumbleweed rolling across the sand. The mist is thick and eerie. 

I have countless pictures of this scene. Can you see the light house WAY out in the distance?

What if I point to it? 
I'd love to live in town with an old light house some day. 
 The littles were ecstatic to find a slightly warmer and crystal clear lagoon to wade in!
It's difficult to express how much of the rock looked like this. It was loud, the rock was emitting a continuous chatter! We went in for a closer look. mussels! The monstrous rock, the beginning of the rocky coast that Keith had just climbed was covered in mussels!

Lewis and Clark with Sacagawea ...oh, and our four birdies :) 

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