Friday, July 4, 2014

Santa Fe

Summer showers rock! What a fantastic site when you can see the clear line of beginning to end!

We finally made it to Santa Fe! We parked the car, had a picnic in the park, and then set off to explore the city by foot.

Our first notable stop was the Loretto Chapel. Above is purple leafed tree adorned with rosaries! It was not only beautiful, it twinkled as the wind blew. The Loretto Chapel is famous for its impossible spiral staircase!

Did I mention it was the 4th of July? This photo seemed appropriate.
We also happened on a classic car meet! How fun to view all the retro cars all decked out for the parade!!

At least three of us are pretty excited to find an ice cream shop!

The Virgin in a tree!

We found a fair amount of historical markers, but in all we discovered that Santa Fe wasn't the city for us. So we spent the rest of the evening playing at playgrounds here and there, eating New Mexican food, and waiting for fireworks (that never came). Next stop tent rocks! (already posted) 

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