Thursday, July 3, 2014

ABQ 2014

Our first stop in New Mexico was Albuquerque. And our second stop in Albuquerque was to grab a bite to eat! We sat down at a magnetic little restaurant with a bright blue fence and enjoyed our first New Mexican meal (it's a thing, New Mexican is made differently than the TexMex that we are used to)!

After our meal we walked around a bit, and quickly realized that we were in the University district!

So, we wandered the campus of the University of New Mexico! This is where it all started, the beginning of our national University tour with the children. However, we did not actually pick up our gear until the next day when we realized that we had failed to anticipate how cold the morning/night in the desert can be. This was the birth of our Collegiate gear collection, as well as the source of those oh so  recognizable red hoodies they bounce around the states in!


Before leaving Albuquerque and making our way towards Santa Fe, we stopped off to hike the Mesa Point Trail in the Boca Negra Canyon. The trail had over 200 petroglyphs! Amazingly, we happened to be hiking the trail along with a couple of historians who were eager to explain what each petroglyph meant as we discovered them!

Now, off to see what we can discover on the way to Santa Fe!!

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