Friday, August 2, 2013

Chronicles of the 48 Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota

As a family, we decided to visit the 48 Continental United States together. We began this journey in Texas on to ....Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota
Have you stumbled on pinterest chore charts for young children? You know the ones that recommend that an 8 year old should be mowing the lawn? I'm not so comfortable with the lawn mowing part; however, I fully believe anyone three and older should carry their own gear, in each pack one will find their clothes, shoes, snacks, toiletries, games and emergency gear (whistle, poncho, flashlight). Off we go!

 Note to self: Research regions before travel. Enlighten Children. When we parked in front of the visitor center of Iowa, we were privileged enough to see an Amish family pull up in their horse and buggy, unload and enter the center. It was neat, being from Texas we never see that sort of thing! However, we went about our merry way, climbing the cow and a tractor to snap a few pictures. Four year old Cash was antsy and ready to visit the store and I had no idea why. Finally, after much wiggling and prompting us to go in the store he pointed to the door the Amish family had walked in and said "I want to see where the trick or treaters went!" Doh! On to Minnesota.


After hitting the farmer's market we lounged in a lovely Park in St. Paul, MN

The ability to climb the features made this is, by far, the best Sculpture garden we have visited! Minneapolis, MN

Parentals reflecting grumpy children :) Minnehaha Falls!

We also visited the Bridges of Madison County and John Wayne's birth place. Just FYI, it is not right off of I35, prepare for an hour detour to see these guys! 

I wish I had snapped photos of the giant windmill farms and miles and miles of corn fields, maybe next time!

Although Missouri is beautiful and the Ozarks specifically are stunning, this is one of the few photos we took. Oops! The airport in Branson is reminiscent of a Bass Pro Shop, pond and all! :)

I also wish we had snapped a photo of our van prior to cleaning it. Boy was it a wreck! And, we vacuumed it out in the middle of historic flooding! We learned a few valuable travel lessons that day. #1 None of our littles enjoy power bars #2 Said power bars will end up in the strangest of places.

Four states down, 44 to go. 

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