Saturday, September 25, 2010

Momma, you're not sick

Last night as I was laying in bed about to fall asleep, I thought to myself....."I really hope the babies sleep until seven" Generally they wake up around 6, but I was feeling greedy with my sleep.

Fast-forward to around 4am, this must have been when the universe decided to grant my wish, b/c I suddenly found myself in the fetal position with an awful stomach ache. I manage to just stay still until I hear the babies waking up over the baby monitor...and what time is it? 7am on the dot!

As soon as I am up on my feet, I am promptly in the bathroom reenacting the exorcist . I'll spare you the gory details, but this lasted all morning, not really even sure its gone yet. I spent the morning laying on the floor, groaning, hating my stomach, and all food. Trying to calculate anything I could have eaten yesterday that would attack me like this, b/c anytime I moved, I would get sick again. The kids, Cash, 15 months, and Yuliya 3.5yrs play all around me. They are making noise(silence is BAD with kids) and no one is crying, so we are all content. Yuliya makes sure to check on me every 20 min or so and ask if I am still sick... my thoughtful girl.

At 11am I put them down for a nap and do a quick inventory of the house.

Toys everywhere(to be expected)
Water all over the front hall, absolutely zero thoughts on how that happened
3 boxes of cereal Ripped open like tiny raptors got to them, all three bags of cereal covering the kitchen table like a baby version of the casino jackpot
And a nice little hansel and gretel trail of grapes from the fridge to the kitchen table, and then back out to where I had been laying in the living room.

Lesson learned today....The kids are now old enough to play well together, semi supervised, but be prepared.

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