Sunday, June 19, 2011

Views from under 4ft

 Original quotes from Miss Yuliya George

On why mommy has blue eyes and Yuliya has brown--
"Momma, my eyes are brown because my daddy gave me chloclate, and you had none"

On loving your brother--
"Momma, I love you a lot. Momma, I love daddy a lot, and soldier too, but I love Cash a little bit."

On the loopholes to going potty in the potty--said in an authoritative voice--
"Momma, I can pee pee in the bathtime, but I cant poopoo in the bathtime right"
My response-- "Let's just put our hiney on the potty if we think anything is coming out"

On why I hit a red light--
"Momma, it means you need gas"


On love--
"keeesses!! ugg!! I yuy you"

On his sister---who he seems to misplace a lot--
"yuya? yuya? where ee yuya?"

On School buses--said screaming at the top of his lungs
"goo busssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goo bu!!!  gooooooo bussss!!!!!!!"

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