Monday, June 27, 2011

Count down to Tuesday

Oh Tuesday, it's only Monday! I can't wait to see my photo albums. Yes I will be rushing home tomorrow to catch the mailman with my precious box of photo albums.
The last time I was this rushed to meet merchandise I had ordered was when my dear dear friend roomba joined the family. And oh what a day, I came home and charged that sucker. Wait, why did I rush home for that? The exciting part came the next night when I got home from work sat indian style on the couch and let my new friend FREE into my living room, yes, I did, I watched it vacuum. You may think that's boring, and I may think that YOU are not a mother of two tornados and an 85 lb dog. :) The babies affectionately call my little friend "Robot"

You clean the kitchen of all of the tiny cracker crumbs while I bathe the kids at night
You have taught my children that they need to pick up all of their toys before bed or the robot will eat them!
Sometimes you get sick and gag on soldiers hair. But guess what robot, I brushed the heck out of him for you, so he shouldn't be shedding nearly as much for now.
Yours Truly,

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