Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Cash

mmmmm brown crayon.....

Cash loves his dog
Cash loves to eat and feed soldier
Cash loves his blanket, his momma and daddy, and most of all his yuya.
Cash has figured out the art of getting in trouble, just smile REALLY big and hold your hands out for a hug when you hear your name in a "what are you doing tone"
Cash loves to read books, play with cars, and love love loves his hex bug
He loves putting on his socks and shoes, and repeating anything yuliya says. 

Happy birthday to  Mr. Cash. It's been an interesting two years, you have been very sweet and cuddly and destructive, my floors, couches and walls will never be the same. Thank goodness for scotch guard and washable crayons, which you and soldier both seemed to want to eat for a while!

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