Thursday, May 10, 2012


Peppers, peas, beans, tomatoes,  cucumbers, blueberries and herbs, this is what we have been able to harvest so far this growing season. I think our late season broccoli is about to burst from the seams while only three of "momma's precious carrots" survived. I will have to plant more in a week or so. The pumpkin is about 25 ft long right now. The kids are just in love with fresh picked peas and blueberries.

baby bell pepper

baby jalapeno


snap peas and Lima beans

baby tomato
Why are Momma's carrots so precious?

 Keith dubbed them this because I was okay with just throwing any old seed in the dirt with the rest of our veggies. I was not however okay with treating my carrots this way. I love carrots, well anything orange really, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. But when we planted the carrots I would go out there everyday and tenderly remove every little leaf  that could be blocking my precious carrots from receiving the sun they needed and I would watch them....yes watch them. They were the first things I looked at everyday to see the progress our little carrot patch. But apparently a watched pot doesn't boil...or so I've been told. So now it's time for a redo.

Concert in the park tonight, who's going?

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