Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Double Digits to Madison

Remember your double digits birthday? Turning 10? I do. Turning 10 is a major milestone and my oldest niece is celebrating that one today. Hard to believe, I remember when she would wake up from nap time everyday with her hair sticking straight up from the bows my sister would put right on the top of her head like cindy loo who.
Yesterday we were able to spend the day with them on mothers day and tonight a dinner celebration.

most of us!

Madi's favorite thing to do is swim and her favorite color is blue

Her favorite dessert is cookies
When asked who is nicer mom or dad she replies "both" (smart girl)

Her favorite movie is twilight
And her one wish for this summer is a phone.

Happy Birthday Madi, we can't wait to celebrate with you tonight. And we hope your one summer wish comes true.
All our love!

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