Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lighthouses, Thor's Well, University of Oregon AND Oregon State!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse- I just had to visit at least one light house while we were  on the coast.  It was totally worth it :)

Hiking the trail at Cape Perpetua in search of Thor's Well.  
Admittedly, it took us a while to find the well. Just say we took the long way, the exceptionally long way.
Hiking through the thick green forest with the ocean at your side and a cool wind at your back isn't the worst though; sometimes being lost is therapeutic. 
Found it!!
Really, we found the sign...then, had even more trouble finding the well.
Turns out, you can't really see it unless you venture out onto the rocks where the waves, crashing so frequently and with such force create a deafening thunder. 

Nerve wrecked Mama
A portion of the "trail" we took to get to the well.
Last, but not least of our Oregon trek took us to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. Both have magnificent trees!
Tree sculpture at OSU. This massive structure was sculpted using live trees(still living)! The orange tags each have a note written hand written on them. Some are love letters, hopes, dreams, and others are simple silliness like one that declared, "I love bread"(me too).


USA team wins Women's World Cup Final!

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  1. Don't you kind of wish the selfie lady at Thor's well would have gotten knocked over? NEVER turn your back on the ocean!



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