Saturday, January 3, 2015

San Antonio mission

Among the first days of 2015 we visited the Mission San Juan in San Antonio. On our way back to Houston after a wonderful week with my in-laws Mimi and Papa Dean, we stopped off and wandered around the largest of the five missions of San Antonio for a bit.

These wacky kids... no idea where they get it from!

Service was being held in the chapel.

Visiting the missions as an adult gives me an entirely new appreciation on the age, detail and preservation of these missions! It's always such a delight to stroll through the historical sights we have visited. I try my best to relay how remarkable certain aspects of these establishments are, especially for their time or purpose. Still, possibly my favorite would be the 1,000 year old Pueblo we were fortunate enough to have visited on our trip to New Mexico in July of 2014.(will post pictures on that shortly)

Next time, we hope to visit another of the five missions in San Antonio!

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