Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ghost tour in galveston

Have you ever done the ghost tour in Galveston? Well we did.....here are our reviews 

Heather: Probably wouldn't go again, but enjoyed the company...aww.

Amy: Boring

Keith: Dull, but interesting historical district.

Myself: Would have enjoyed it more on our own, but really enjoyed the buildings and history attached.

Yes I know, not fantastic reviews....but pretty consistent.

We all still had a great time cracking each other up. Although when you're on a ghost tour, no one else besides your immediate group thinks it's very cute to call passersby apparitions...just a word of advice. :)

These are just pictures I took along the way. To the left is our group, Heather and Amy, ghost nuts, and Keith and me.

Just a few pretty things....most of the time my camera wouldn't work for some reason....a lot of others seemed to be having the same issue with their cameras
orb in the window?
I would love to look at the buildings and architecture more in the day light

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