Monday, November 21, 2011

Change of clothes

So Cash is potty training.....slowly but surely. He generally wears pull ups. A couple of weeks ago we went to the zoo and Mr. Cash had decided to take his pull up off before we went to the zoo. Yuliya, my great helper, had been quick to inform me of this before hand. I surveyed cash before we left the house....his pants were on, surely he couldn't take his pants off over his shoes, take his pull up off, and then put his pants back on over his shoes. ...right?

So we left.

At the zoo in the bird section Keith says...I think Cash needs to potty. Having two boys he is more experienced with boys signals to go than I am as of yet. I shrug it off and say...I think he's fine.

Oh...look at that bird Cash...... HAS A HUGE WET SPOT ON THE FRONT OF HIS PANTS! Now being accustomed to pull ups/no accidents as well as we have no chances of running in water on this trip...I did NOT bring a change of clothes for Mr. Man.  So.... Cash's pants rode front and center and I had a pantless two year old in a long sleeve button up walking around like a mini flannel version of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Classy.

After we left the zoo we had a wonderful lunch at the hobbit, a Corcorran family favorite. One Miss Yuliya George enjoyed her Gingerbread pancakes....and one Ms. Toymomma snuck bites of Gingerbread pancake from an unsuspecting Cash Sawyer as he was probably demanding crackers at the time or coloring. And of course there was milk, tons and tons of milk to be had.

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