Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charleston residual

So this is the last post on Charleston I believe.... :D I just wanted to share some last pictures and thoughts I had on it.
This was our last day there, unfortunately Jack was back in school but Keith and Sam were able to pose with their new mustaches. :) Not only are Jack and Sam now the proud owners of these rad mustaches, but Cash has one as well. Yuliya is now the proud owner of a cute little hand stitched butterfly coin purse.

We also went to Hyman's seafood, where I was able to experience shrimp and grits, and fried green tomatoes with crabsauce. Both were delicious....and that's saying something since I am not really a shrimp fan.
Outside of Hymans was a neat bench rocking chair that the boys, Keith and I rocked on for a little bit, see pictured above
In Charleston I can find the best hats! This is just one that I found and loved. I also realized, to buy a hat in Charleston, you need to have about $100 to blow....time to scour ebay.

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