Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In 2 minutes!

a bee that yuliya drew
painting today

yuliya painted, while cash drew with chalk(and ate it)

This morning the moon was sleeping again.

When I picked the babies up from daycare today, I have cash about an inch from my face poised and ready to be plopped into his car seat.....and he sneezed in my face! Oh the joys of being mommy, you get a nice juicy sneeze less than an inch from your face.

On the way home, Yuliya has started an "I'm sick" routine, so she can get medicine. So I have started a, "the only cure for sick, is to sleep" routine.We are going through this today and she tells me "Momma, I'm not sleepy, my naptime is ALLL gone! I go to sleep in TWO minutes!"

What I've learned today-
Yuliya has picked up on 2 minutes is never really 2 minutes away, in fact it sometimes means never.

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