Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yuliya turns 3 Very Hungry Caterpillar

We love the book the very hungry caterpillar, so this year we did that type of a party :) We had a blast. For some strange reason we have had an extreme cold front come in, from 76 to the 40's! We  had to put our fruit stamp paintings and thumbprint caterpillars and do inside activities. Have no fear though, chasing balloons is always a hit, even for adults :)
All the food from the book, with holes "eaten" through the  middle

Caterpillar cake!

Caterpillar pipe cleaner strung through felt fruit(heather and I had the tedious task of cutting tiny apples, pears,  oranges and plums)

Hey! We shared a womb! ....well not all of us... but you get the idea
Yuliya's bracelet

Even the teenagers made bracelets

Yuliya playing patty cake with Julian and Cash I think...or protecting him

Thank you for attending, playing and birthday gifts and wishes :)

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